Branding vs logo design

I know what you're thinking.... I must have got that well known cliche a bit wrong , well no, I’ve not. This it the analogy I’m going to use to explain the difference between branding as a whole, and a business logo. In short your logo is the top layer of the lettuce and inside there are many other leaves that create the whole vegetable.

half lettuce illustration-07-07.jpg

So what actually is branding?

Branding is everything that makes up your business. It’s the words you use, the images you show, it’s your face when you appear on social media lives and videos. Everything you do relating to your business is branding. Your business is a lettuce, in fact your business could even be a salad - the many different layers come together to create something that works perfectly together, and with a little drizzle of passion you can create something truly beautiful. 


Obviously a logo is important too, it paves the way for everything else. It influences the colour choices, the layout and the imagery. It's also a constant feature that can be applied to many different mediums.

The rule of 8

Branding should be consistent if you want to be remembered. Someone has to see your marketing materials 8 times before they can become an engaged audience. If those 8 pieces of information all look different though it’s a different story. So going back to the lettuce… If you show someone 10 different types of leaves, they may not now that those leaves are from the same lettuce.


Make sure your lettuce is unmistakable.


BLOG: The top layer of the iceberg (lettuce) 24.08.2020