Removing selling barriers for product based homeware and interior brands.

I love when designing has a purpose; I love it even more when it solves a problem. Especially when solving problems that can lead to an increase in sales.

In this blog, I am discussing 3 things that could put a barrier between your customer and your product, halting sales in their tracks. I will of course, also share some ideas on ways that graphic design can be used to solve these problems.

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Sales barrier 1 - Too much choice

Sounds crazy right, why would anyone be put off by too much choice. Having loads to choose from is good right? Well, it seems not always.

Too much choice can make it a lot harder for the brain to process, and in turn make it harder, and more time consuming to make a decision. It can lead to 'choice overload'. Choice overload is the negative psychological, emotional, and behavioural effect of having too many options to choose from. There are far too many things to distract us these days and if a decision isn't easy to come by, or its taking too long, chances are your customer will switch off, or go elsewhere.

The Key to helping your customer make decisions is to make things easier for them - show them where to find things - show them what they need and present it to them.

A great solution is a visual content guide that helps your customer to navigate your selection - such as downloadable tones sheets for colour based products (eg. tiles, flooring or wallpaper). Condensed snapshots of an entire collection as thumbnails arranged by tone, price or style can also really help a customer navigate - especially if those little thumbnails click through to the product page on the website! 

hard to find.jpg

Your products are hard to find.


For example, in your kitchen category on the website there may be 14 styles of tea towel, 12 sets of cutlery, 4 table runners, 6 coaster sets and 1 funky chicken egg holder. Your customer might want your chicken egg holder - they might not know what to search for so go searching in your kitchen category - after 3 tea towels, 5 sets of cutlery and 2 coaster sets they have drifted off and are now watching casualty. There are ways of highlighting specific items and creating a feature of them so your customers  don't even have to scroll.

How about highlighting featured items with look-books and gift guides - For example you might release a 'fun and quirky gift guide - where the funky chicken egg holder is the star attraction! Again something clickable is key! Gift guides can be something that are used over and over - they can be utilised as a downloadable guide on your site, something you send to email subscribers and share pages on social media - and as always don't forget to link it!!

which is right.jpg

Your customers not knowing what's right for them.

There's a bit of a pattern here, similar to too much choice, if a customer is presented with, let's say 2 white vases, how do they know which is perfect for them?


You know as a retailer that one is fine china, and hand sculpted in Italy to resemble the holy bosom of the virgin Mary and the one is made in china, but do your customers? They might if they read the description properly - but we buy on visuals and so crucial information can be easily missed. There must be a way to show the customer in a fast and simple way right?

There is - badges!! -  A really simple way of defining products. A badge on a product image that simply says - 'Value' or 'premium' can really make a difference to a customer's decision making process. Even better make a feature of a selection of items and give them all badges and short descriptions - that way a customer can see all the choices and make an informed decision of which works for them. And yes, I'm saying it again; where ever you use it make it click!!

Make it easy for your customers to shop

So in summary, there are many things you can utilise to create a simpler way for your customers to make decisions and buy your products. If you would like to discuss any of these ideas to see how they would work for your business, please drop me an email. 


BLOG: 3 Sales Barriers and how to overcome them  09.02.2021