It feels like time for change square wid

Doesn’t it?

The world has definitely changed, the pandemic has hit many of us; in our personal lives, our businesses, our outlook and our working style. It’s been odd, things have been put on hold, some things we thought were essential have been re-prioritised. Now it’s time to piece it all back together and carry on. So we’re all getting back to the new ‘normal’ but perhaps things can be improved? Maybe a new passion has been ignited, new ideas after all that time to think. 


So here’s to a new chapter, a fresh start, how could we improve things rather than just picking up where we left off?


How about a rebrand?

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tame my tail after-06.jpg

What can a rebrand do for my business you ask?


1.    It can change perceptions - It can lift the perceived value of goods or services provided. It can also help to set you apart from competitors. Your brand can achieve an elevated status and increased engagement with the intended audience.


2.    It gives you something to shout about - You can launch your new look. Get everyone excited for a big reveal. Blog about it, put it on social media, make a video announcement on youtube. Us humans are curious creatures and as soon as you tell us you’re going to gift wrap something we want to know what's inside. Keep people guessing and engaged and they are more likely to be interested once the announcement is made. Remember you need to be seen on average 8 times before someone can buy into what you are offering so this is a great opportunity to create potential leads.


3.    Build trust in your brand - To an outside consumer, whether existing or new, a rebrand shows you are investing in your business, it shows that your foundations are strong and that you are serious about your business growth. 


4.    Engage the right audience - People don’t just see a new logo, a nicely arranged website or piece of beautifully designed print that drops through their letterbox. They see potential, and think what can I gain from this. If the design is carefully thought out and is aligned to your target audience’s taste and needs, they will instantly be more attracted to you as a brand.

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Chesh lang after-04.jpg

If you feel like a rebrand might be the way to go for your business, get in touch. I can send you a brand questionnaire to fill in (or we can have  a chat over the phone, (I know you are very busy people) and we will discuss what the best options are from there. It’s completely free to chat and there is no obligation to take it further should you choose not to.


BLOG: It feels like a good time for change  17.06.2020