BLOG: 5 ways to build loyalty and trust with great branding 16.03.21

5 ways to build loyalty and trust with great branding.

Build trust with your audience and they’ll come back to you time after time, and they’ll bring friends!


Isn’t this what every business wants (and needs?) The key to building trust is a strong brand. A brand with an unforgettable style, a logo that you instantly recognise, a colour that conjures up an emotion, a phrase that takes you back to a 20 year old ad. These are the things that create your fan club.


Here’s a few ways you can make a start on that super brand of yours, in order to create something your audience just can’t get enough of.  Read more...


BLOG: Overcoming sales barriers 09.02.2021

Removing selling barriers for product based homeware and interior brands.

I love when designing has a purpose; I love it even more when it solves a problem. Especially when solving problems that can lead to an increase in sales.

In this blog, I am discussing 3 things that could put a barrier between your customer and your product, halting sales in their tracks. I will of course, also share some ideas on ways that graphic design can be used to solve these problems.



BLOG: DIY graphic design vs professional graphic design 05.01.2021

canva blog_1 why do i need a designer wh

Why do I need a Graphic Designer when I can use Canva?

Do I need a graphic designer when there are DIY options out there? 


This is something I hear a lot, from businesses big and small. 


Here’s what I think: DIY design apps are fine, if you are using them as a layout tool. If you’re overlaying text over images, using your own photos and maybe using the grid function to create collages. It’s a useful tool for creating the correct size graphics for, say, twitter posts and facebook covers too. I do also like that you can do some simple layering with text, colours and png images, to knock up a post on your phone if your out and about.



BLOG: Typography pt.2 formatting text 26.11.20201

typog blog pt 2 header-01.jpg

Typography Part 2 - this bit is all about formatting text 


Particularly when you have large amounts of text and need to wrangle it together into some sort of document or digital page. This is useful for blogs, newsletters, general web content or advertorials etc.


If you haven’t read part 1, Typography the basics - click here

So you’ve written some words, separated them into paragraphs, with headings and subheadings, maybe chucked in a few bullet points for good measure, a little grammar for a pause here and there and ran a spellcheck - what’s more to do? Read more...


BLOG: Typography pt. 05.11.20201

Typog header-01.jpg

Type is an art form


Type is such an art form, not everyone can see the beauty in letterforms, in fact only the nerdiest amongst us  can (okay, mostly me.) This  beauty is made even greater when it aids our very communication. Typed words on a screen or in print, can evoke such emotion; they can inform; advise; sell and  so much more. Theres a whole lot these dainty little characters can do.


So lets get to know them a little better… Lesson number one is to dispel a common misconception - A typeface and a font aren’t the same thing.... Read more.

header lettuce blog-01.jpg


BLOG: The top layer  of the iceberg (lettuce) 15.10.2020

Branding vs logo design


I know what you're thinking.... I must have got that well known cliche a bit wrong , well no, I’ve not. This it the analogy I’m going to use to explain the difference between branding as a whole, and a business logo. In short your logo is the top layer of the lettuce and inside there are many other leaves that create the whole vegetable.  Read more.

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BLOG: The importance of good briefs 22.09.2020

How to write a brilliant design brief


I'm going to talk to you today about the importance of good briefs.


No, not the ones you use to cover your bum!! Although they are fairly important too.


This blog is all about briefing your graphic designer.


Before you approach a graphic designer or agency, you will probably have an idea in mind of what you are looking for. But before you jump in and ask your designer for a brochure/web design/branding etc. ask yourself these questions...Read more.


BLOG: Infographics 24.08.2020

infograph header-01.jpg

Great ways to use Infographics


So, I read today that infographics are 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other post. This gives you the opportunity to grow your reach and engage with a bigger audience.

Infographics are useful for many applications such as web ads, social media and print. In this fast paced world people want information that they don’t have to work for. Getting your message across with a bitesize visual is more likely to be seen, understood and remembered...Read more.


BLOG:Is your logo fit for purpose?  14.07.2020

Is your logo fit for purpose-01.jpg

Take the test to see whether your logo is fit for purpose

How do you know if your logo design was done by a reputable, professional graphic designer and is it fit for purpose? There are so many out there who will sell you a logo from a pre-made template from an app or logo building website, so it’s hard to know whether what you’ve got is what your business really deserves.


Ok so let’s test it. Below are 10 questions about your logo.


You start with 10 points.


If you answer no to a question, you deduct a point. Keep a tally of your total... Read more

tame my tail blog header-01.jpg


BLOG:  New name, new look 01.07.2020

New Name, new look.

After starting up her Warrington dog grooming business earlier this year, business owner Emma decided that her name and initial logo didn’t reflect her, or her growing business. She wanted something she could be proud of and show off. 


As an experienced and caring dog groomer, Emma found herself with many returning customers of the fluffy variety, who absolutely love their pampering sessions. Their humans seem pretty pleased with it too.


When Emma approached me to design a logo to actualise with her new name ‘Tame my tail’ and give her a brand worthy of her initial success, I jumped at the chance... Read more.

It feels like time for change square wid


BLOG: It feels like a good time for change  17.06.2020

Doesn’t it?

The world has definitely changed, the pandemic has hit many of us; in our personal lives, our businesses, our outlook and our working style. It’s been odd, things have been put on hold, some things we thought were essential have been re-prioritised. Now it’s time to piece it all back together and carry on. So we’re all getting back to the new ‘normal’ but perhaps things can be improved? Maybe a new passion has been ignited, new ideas after all that time to think. 


So here’s to a new chapter, a fresh start, how could we improve things rather than just picking up where we left off?


How about a rebrand? ... Read more.