5 ways to build loyalty and trust with great branding.

Build trust with your audience and they’ll come back to you time after time, and they’ll bring friends!


Isn’t this what every business wants (and needs?) The key to building trust is a strong brand. A brand with an unforgettable style, a logo that you instantly recognise, a colour that conjures up an emotion, a phrase that takes you back to a 20 year old ad. These are the things that create your fan club.


Here’s a few ways you can make a start on that super brand of yours, in order to create something your audience just can’t get enough of.

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Reflect your value.

Brand positioning is so important, its all about resonating with your target audience.


Your perceived value comes first and foremost from your branding, get it wrong and you’ll never get the kind of clients you want. What you put out there has to reflect the worth of your goods or services.


Two accountants for example: Accountant 1 shows up in greys, gold and a whole lot of sexy white space, with a sleek professional text and a whole load of financial jargon that only the pros understand, This may appeal to high level investment banker? Accountant 2 offers a fun colourful brand , simplified language and a colloquial tone of voice, which makes finance available to young, vibrant entrepreneurs at the start of their journey.


Which service would you say costs the most?

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Be responsive.


Your design assets need to work across various platforms; therefore you should have various versions to sit within the space available. There’s nothing more jarring than a logo that has been shoehorned into a space where it just shouldn’t be.


Your brand assets need to work seamlessly within your communications. The majority or big, successful brands have variations of their main logo such as monograms and wordmarks. Don’t forget responsive doesn’t just apply to size, you need to be responsive for colour too. Its worth considering dark mode on screens and how you might lay your assets over imagery.

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Maintain consistency.

Brand assets should all share some common core elements, whether that’s a colour, a shape, a style or something else. If you post on social media a greyscale photo of a dog, for example, and you usually use a pop art cartoon style human character, your audience will wonder what is going on. This in some cases may work to add a little intrigue but for the most part it will be quite jarring. If you then throw in some more styles that aren’t your usual ‘cup of tea’ that’s when it becomes messy. To be able to trust a brand you need to get to know them. The only way you can do that is through a style that’s recognisable at every step of the way.

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BLOG: 5 ways to build loyalty and trust with great branding  16.03.2021

Be memorable.

The absolute best way to be memorable in this day and age is to be different from the norm.


To be original in what you say, how you say it, design style and everything else.

Your business might not be too dissimilar from that of your competitor in what you do or the services you offer, but your brand will set you apart.

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Use your logo as an identifier.

A logo is just that, an asset of your overall brand that identifies your business. What it doesn’t need to say is the exact purpose of your being. It’s there to say who you are.


It’s also there to become a memorable piece of information that its consistent across all of your communications. It should reflect your value (as in point 1) and it should be simple. Too many elements and it just doesn’t stick. So save your elevator pitch for your clients - and think laterally rather than literally when it comes to your identity. Don't forget one of the most iconic logos “Bass Pale Ale” is a red triangle and a fancy font that simply reads ‘Bass’.



If you need a helping hand across your branding, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.